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It is one of the age old questions we have in America …. Are leaders born or are leaders made? The AFA chapters throughout Florida answer this question in different ways … because the chapters are different. If you look at the dynamics of a chapter you can see how this can work.

Sometimes chapters look for people who have made a difference in their professional life and bring them into their chapter to continue using their leadership qualities. A new chapter or a chapter being "re-energized" might fit into this category. Someone who is already a known quantity in the community could bring skills that would make the chapter stronger. In turn, the new member would find a group of dedicated patriots who advocate for a strong national defense, educate the community on the role Air Power plays in our national strategy and support our military (and our veterans). This would be a win-win for both the chapter and the new leader.

Well established chapters might use the "…just do one thing" idea to bring new folks into the chapter. The chapter could let them continue to do one thing while exposing them to the many aspects of AFA. As they learn more about AFA, they could be asked to do more, thus getting them more involved in the chapter. These folks would be groomed for future leadership rolls.

Both techniques work. Chapters are free to use either one or both at the same time. They are techniques, not procedures and you know your individual chapters better than anyone else. If chapter fail to produce future leaders they will dissolve and the AFA will lose its identity as a "grass roots" organization. Florida AFA is strong as long as the chapters are strong. Leadership development will help keep the chapters strong.

If you have any other techniques that your chapter uses, please send them to me and I will post them. Together we will keep the chapters in Florida strong. Thanks again for all you do.

Jim Connors, Vice-President for Leadership Development

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